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12 Fvrier 2015

Eat Juice expands and opens another restaurant in a company based in Fontvieille

Get Up and Go! Breakfast, Ambitious Smoothies, Vitality and Power menus These peppy names are the new food and beverages options for SBM Offshore employees.
To response to the SBM Offshore management team and its growing need for alternative fast food varieties, Madeleine Badia, the owner of Vitasensys and Eat Juice, is delighted to announce the grand opening of her third Eat Juice. This fast-casual restaurant will be located inside the SBM Offshore building itself, Le Neptune in Fontvieille.
SBM Offshore was looking for healthful, environmentally conscious, and quickly prepared meals, for their employees to get more energy and stay more focused. Eating well simply leads to a greater performance.
"We offer more than a raw and living food. Our concept is a real lifestyle!, continues Madeleine Badia. Eating does not simply provide energy and bad eating habits can actually remove all of your energy! With our natural and organic Eat Juice meal plans, we are helping to solve this dietary imbalance. Moreover, most children and even adults, consume little, if any, vegetables. Bearing this in mind, we prepare our meals and juices with a maximum of vitamins, widespread in the plant world, and which are essential to fix the minerals and trace elements in your organism. And this is not for a new fad diet that SBM Offshore has selected Eat Juice as its catering service! If the concept of eating healthy and organic food gain more and more followers, it only means that it works! "

Introducing delicious and nutritious 100% natural and organic meals, Eat Juice also proposes fresh fruits and veggies juices and smoothies, sandwiches, soups and desserts. A grocery shop also enables the clients to buy bio, local and organic products. The SBM Offshore building is already the third location in the Principality of Monaco for Eat Juice and they are looking to continue expanding. As part of developing the brand and the concept, Mathilde Maylin, with an international marketing background, has joined Madeleine Badia and her team, as the marketing and the SBM Offshore restaurant manager.
"Eat Juice is not only an organic salad or juice bar: it is an invitation to change your eating habits, explains Mathilde Maylin. When we mention natural and organic food, many think of a diet, vegetarian or vegan food only! While at Eat Juice, we offer meal plans where we vary the animal and vegetable proteins and where we combine the cereals and legumes to ensure the provision of essential amino acids. It is a simple, nourishing and natural way to detox, energize and lead a healthful lifestyle!
4 Mai 2014

Restaurant l'Inattendu(e)

Ouverture d'un Restaurant l'Inattendu(e), premier lieu Monaco prnant l'alimentation Vive.

Linattendu(e) Mad is Bio
1 rue Biovs Monaco
(Parking de la Colle)

30 couverts
du Lundi au Samedi de 8h30 19h00 - nocture juqu 22 h le jeudi, vendredi et samedi.
Petits djeuner, tapas, lunch et dner Inattendu (sur rservation)
Pour tout vnement en soire, nous privatiserons pour vous lInattendu(e), pour un dner Inattendu en famille, entre ami(e)s...

Le Samedi de 12h 16 h - "Brunchons" ensemble. Les Chefs vous proposent un brunch Inattendu !!!!!! Trs vegan, trs raw, trs delicious !

5 Novembre 2012

EAT JUICE Monte Carlo

Ouverture de EAT JUICE N2 Monte Carlo.
Venez dcouvrir cette nouvelle enseigne et ses nouvelles saveurs. 100% Bio et 99 % Vgtalien.
Bar Jus et Smoothies, Bar Soupe, Bar Vgtaux, Bar Douceurs, ....
26 Juillet 2012

Semaine de Vitalit Gourmande la Chaumire Monaco

Du 18 au 22 septembre 2012, La chaumire se met la VITALIT GOURMANDE. Sylvain Etivant et son quipe aiguiseront vos papilles avec des menus rpondant au concept VitaSensys.
30 Juin 2012

EAT JUICE by VitaSensys

Ouverture du Bar Vitamines EAT JUICE by VitaSensys, place d'Armes, en Principaut.
EAT JUICE vous propose de faire le plein de vitamines. Venez dguster une alimentation Vive et Savoureuse.
Retrouvez les albums photos de nos derniers séjours.
Un mini séjour pour se réconcilier avec soi
l'agenda des activités ; conférences, séjours détox, de VitaSensys.
VitaSensys, votre coach ....
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